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Dr Finlay’s Walking Stick: Fin meets Charles Darwin and …. his maker

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Fin’s Twenty Fourth and Final Adventure

May 24th 2017

National Walking Month

24 roger

What a fascinating final day for Fin and his adventures.  He would meet with Charles Darwin who is pictured on the £10 note, he would look at all the pictures from his friends at HollyBush School and he would learn about a co-operative model of existence as opposed to a competitive one.

He would meet an artist who loved Henry Moore inspired tapestries and thought that Perry Green was the best place in the world and he learnt some more about where he came from.

As someone once said, “He would return to know it for the first time.”

As well as this his excitement about speed would be increased with a remarkable bicycle called a recumbent which looked like the Formula One of bicycles.

24 bikes

His life had become full and he thanked Dr Finlay for filling it.  The void left in Dr Finlay’s heart could not be filled and a final twisting or two of knives would bring him finally to his knees.

Charles Darwin had advised him of some useful things that help species to survive following his visit to the Galapagos Islands in his ship The Beagle.

A very, very thick tortoise shell or the hide of a rhinoceros, perhaps this is why Henry Moore had one in his shed while he thought of the external hardness protecting the inner softness.  Resilience, which included the support of family and friends would stand Fin and his Twin in very good stead indeed.

24 roger and dave

Charles Darwin with Dr Finlay, Fin and ?

He had at least found a twin for Fin who could take his place and provide the company and companionship and closeness that only another can bring.

24 spitfire

Fin and ? having a bit of a blurred look at Spitfires during their first therapy session.

Fin would never walk alone.

Tomorrow as they say never comes.

—Dr Finlay
May 24th 2017


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