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Dr Finley’s Walking Stick: More Angels, More Demons

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Fin’s Twenty Third Adventure

May 23rd 2017

National Walking Month

23 wings

Fin went on an outing today with Dr Finlay in one of those things with four wheels called a car.  At least it was on four wheels most of the time today!

They were going to see another very special Angel, one with real wheels and real wings.

Someone who could fly.

Sue was an old friend of Dr Finlay who used a magic chair to get around instead of legs.  Round things instead of long things.  But somehow it works.

She wasn’t so good at walking but everyone would keep out of her way on the pavement in her magic chair.

They met at The Angels pub and almost immediately she found some other angels to chat too and amazingly they had two very small angels with them who looked almost the same.  It wouldn’t be long now before Fin would meet a Stick that was just like him!

Dr Finlay told Fin later, “there is a wonderful film called A Wonderful Life in which a man is very sad and plagued by Demons of the unscrupulous kind and is saved by an Angel called Clarence who earned his wings by being kind to the man.”

Sue had earned her wings many years ago setting up a special group called LifeGeta to support local people who had lost some physical usage of their bodies.

Fin was impressed and let them have their photo taken with him.

23 sue

Tomorrow as they say was to be another day.

—Dr Finley
May 23rd 2017


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