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Dr Finlay’s Walking Stick: Good-bye Sid

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Fin’s Twenty First Adventure

May 21st 2017

National Walking Month and Dementia Awareness Week

Tonight Fin met someone who was as close to Dr Finlay as Fin himself, perhaps closer.

Sid is a Collie cross and the most beautiful dog in the whole world.

Sid is very different from Fin in that he has four legs instead of one.  Dr Finlay has two and Sid has four.

So a dog with four sticks as legs and who is alive and curious and warm and friendly and excited and altogether wonderful.  Dr Finlay and Sid had spent thousands of hours together in good times and in bad, in cold and in warmth, in happiness and sadness.

Dr Finlay loved Sid more than life itself.

Tonight as they walked along the now familiar bluebell path Dr Finlay thought of Sid as he ran ahead, but not too far, and with his upcoming departure felt the acute pain that this would bring.  He wept.

Fin knew nothing of feelings, perhaps this was best, and saw a dog, something that people get attached to, familiar with, love and then when it is taken from them they feel loss.

Fin thought of his own tree, his own family but did he feel loss?

Do trees feel?

Is feeling good or bad?

The sculptures of Henry Moore were made of Bronze, a cold metal alloy, without feelings but which could conjure feelings of joy, inspiration and indeed love.  The touch of the smooth surface, the reminders of softness from the images of mother and child.  All based on an object plucked from the ground like Fin.

As tears fell down his face Dr Finlay returned his beautiful friend Sid for the last time.

21 Sid

Tomorrow as they say was to be another day.

—Dr Finlay
May 21st 2017


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