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Dr Finley’s Walking Stick: Fin and Dr Finley get lost

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Fin’s Nineteenth Adventure

Another very long walk

May 19th 2017

National Walking Month and Dementia Awareness Week

Having a sense of direction is useful in life as it is when you go for a walk.  Many people have trouble finding this and become lost in one way or another.


The problem was that Dr Finley had done this walk before and ….got lost before!!

When you make a mistake it is really good not to try and make the same mistake again!!!!!

At least he had Fin for company this time and they talked about countryside things and tree things and they found out what Fin was.

They looked at the bark of other trees and the leaves and now that Spring was here it was easier to identify the trees. They were pretty sure that Fin was an Ash tree.

He really wanted to be an oak tree but it was clear that he wasn’t.  So he was going to be the very best Ash tree that he could.

They talked about protecting themselves from harm, from other things that would try to damage them and how different people and different plants and animals had different methods.


They talked about Flight and Fight or Freeze and Faint, the things that people and animals do when faced with danger or injustice.

18 sign


They had a lot of time to talk before they finally got back on track and returned to what they thought of as home.

Dr Finley got his feet wet and his boots being worn out and with holes in didn’t manage to keep the water out when they waded the stream but Fin with his waterproof bark tested the depth of the water and helped Dr Finley leap into a dry and safe new world.

He was reminded of a rather well known song that talked about storms and being afraid that was known around the entire planet and may indeed be talking of some great power who looks over us.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

Tomorrow as they say was to be another day.

—Dr Finley
May 19th 2017


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