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Dr Finlay’s Walking Stick: Tragedy and Recovery

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Fin’s Eighteenth Adventure

Tragedy. (Part 1) All the Birds are Dead

Recovery. (Part 2) A Long Walk to Freedom

May 18th 2017

National Walking Month and Dementia Awareness Week

Words would be difficult to find today to express the day’s happenings so pictures would paint thousands of words.

Dr Finlay took his camera to get some more pictures of nest of Blue Tits that had been found on the farm.  He gently opened the lid and found all of the birds, the whole generation were dead.

day 18 birds

Tomorrow as they say was to be another day.

Part 2

After the Shock of finding the birds Dr Finlay found Fin and took him off for a long walk.  He was going to retrace some of the steps that had taken him to where he was now and they would return via a place called Wood End.

Fin got to drive a tractor made from a tree.


He got to visit the place where all the pain began for Dr Finlay.

He compared himself to a mighty Oak and a Horse Chestnut but decided he was neither of these.

fin-tree-18-1.jpg                    fin-tree-18-2.jpg

He was chewed by a Horse.


He met a real reindeer.

fin reindeer 18

He thought about the nature of death and the death of nature a bit.


18 pigeon

Dr Finlay was reminded of some lovely people he had met.


18 cottages


Found objects and his friend Henry Moore appeared everywhere they went.

18 fin stones

18 moor green


And Dr Finlay found a new home for them both to live happily ever after.

18 single cottage

Would End?

—Dr Finlay
May 18th 2017


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