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Dr Finlay’s Walking Stick: Fin goes Missing

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Fin’s Seventeenth Adventure

Homeless and Hungry

May 17th 2017

National Walking Month and Dementia Awareness Week

It wasn’t until lunchtime when Dr Finlay went back to his battered old caravan with the wonky door behind which Fin lived that Dr Finlay realised something was wrong.

Fin was not in his usual place.

Fin was missing.

Dr Finlay had forgotten him somewhere!!

He felt dreadful.  He had abandoned the only thing he had in his life that he cared for and that he thought cared for him.

He was frantic.

Where had he been?  He tried to remember.  The pub where he had drawn Fin last night.

He checked with Victorious Victoria but no Fin was nowhere to be seen.

The birds nest?  But no Fin was nowhere to be seen.

The diner? But no Fin was nowhere to be seen.

The office? But no Fin was nowhere to be seen.

Nauseous with worry and panic he racked his aging brain to try and remember, to recall, to think where he could have left his only and beloved stick.

Who should he tell?  Who could help him with the plea “I have lost the one I love?”

He had to go back to work but his mind was elsewhere throughout the afternoon.

Was he getting old and forgetful, was he becoming a danger and a burden to those around him?

What else had he forgotten?  How would he know?

Forlorn and not having anywhere or anyone to turn to he turned to his old partner the whine bottle as a last resort.

He would get drunk and forget some more, forget the pain, numb the sorrow and hurt and forget the one he loved.

Before settling down for an evening of deep melancholy he went to collect his washing from the shed.

As had happened the night before something caught his eye, hiding in the corner was Fin.

Unbelievable happiness and relief cursed through his entire body and he sank to his knees in gratitude to whatever powers had reunited them.

He held Fin close and realised what loss meant and the poems he had studied many years ago came to mind.

Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained.

Tomorrow as they say was to be another day.

—Dr Finlay
May 17th 2017


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