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Dr Finlay’s Walking Stick: Not Enough Bark

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Fin’s Thirteenth Adventure

May 13th 2017

National Walking Month and Mental Health Awareness Week

Fin had started to get out and about and was probably seeing as many people as he did trees.  What was he learning about them?

There were lots of different ones, just like trees, but basically, like trees they had a lot of similarities too.

There were small ones, large ones, young ones and older ones but when you got close to them you had the chance to notice in more detail the differences.

Today he got the chance to see what that might look like.  Up close some people seemed to have a very thin layer of bark, or what they called skin.  Others had much thicker layers, it seemed that older peoples’ skin certainly was thicker than younger peoples.

Very small young people seemed to cry a lot as a way of talking and older people seemed to talk a lot instead of crying.  Some people didn’t talk or cry and these were the ones with very thick bark.

Fin looked at himself and saw he was fairly sturdy with a good layer of bark and then he looked at Dr Finlay.

Dr Finlay had bare patches in his bark, wounds where he had been damaged and some of the wounds looked very sore indeed.

Fin decided that Dr Finlay needed better bark and to become a lot more resilient against the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” something Fin’s ancestor Shake Spear had written about.

This would be part of the adventures Fin would invent for Dr Finlay.


Tomorrow as they say was to be another day.


Dr Finlay May 13th 2017


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