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Dr Finlay’s Walking Stick: A Non Adventure Day

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A Rest

Fin’s Ninth Adventure.

May 9th 2017

National Walking Month and Mental Health Awareness Week

Today nothing much happened at all.  Dr Finlay was tired and needed a rest, he had forgotten Fin in the pub and was only saved from losing his beloved stick by Victorious Victoria whose eagle eyes had spotted one of her customers bringing a five foot six stick into the pub!

Fin spent the day leaning up against his new home thinking back on all the adventures he had had so far and all of those that were yet to come.  He also thought of his own home and the family he had somehow left behind.

Dr Finlay ate a lot of chocolates, kept away from people and thought about the person he wanted to be with the most in the world.

Then he went to sleep for a hundred years.

Tomorrow as they say was to be another day.

—Dr Finlay
May 9th 2017


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