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Dr Finlay’s Walking Stick: Finlay’s Cousin

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Fin’s Seventh Adventure.

May 7th 2017

National Walking Month

Adventures can be exhausting and a whole week of them had tired out Dr Finlay .  A short walk was all he could manage that evening but even so it was enough to introduce Fin to the big white ball in the sky.

The moon was out looking down on the young stick and the older cousin that Dr Finlay had bumped into that day.

A man from Bury St Edmunds was visiting the place of work of Dr Finlay when he was away from the farm and the man was using a stick from his own garden to aid his healing.  The man had a problem with his sciatic nerve and had chosen a stick from his garden which had been carefully selected to assist him to walk.

What type of wood is it? Asked Dr Finlay , the man did not know and it struck Dr Finlay that he did not know what type of wood Fin was made from or whether indeed that Fin knew there were different types of wood.

There was so much to introduce Fin too that Dr Finlay knew he couldn’t do it all so would have to introduce Fin to the idea of the search for knowledge and wisdom as its own reward to lead to a lifetime of interest.

In the meantime a glance above at the big white ball would be enough for this day.

Tomorrow as they say was to be another day.

—Dr Finlay
May 7th 2017




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