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Dr Finlay’s Walking Stick: Finlay meets Kenny and … Jeremy

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Fin’s Fifth Adventure

May 5th 2017

National Walking Month

Fin was beginning to get the idea now and spent his/her/it’s evenings wondering what the next day might have in store.

The funny thing is you can never quite know and today he was to witness something incredible.

Kenny had come to visit Dr Finlay and have a stroll around the farm.

Kenny is from Scotland a place a long way away with lots of sticks. Kenny works with farms and farmers and lots of wildlife and sticks.

Kenny had a brilliant secret called “Jack in the Hedge”.

Dr Finlay had intended to introduce Fin to stinging nettles in the belief that he could show that humans feel pain and sticks do not.

Kenny was to turn this on its head and show that in certain circumstances neither humans or sticks will feel pain!!!

One of the great dilemmas in life is how to explain to someone what a stinging nettle is!

There really is only one way – please touch the stinging nettle!!!

Can you really ask someone to inflict pain on themselves?

What if you had never been in love?  How could you explain the pain and heartache and the joy of this experience?

Kenny showed them a way (a sneaky, tricky, clever way) to approach this problem.

Jack in the Hedge is a plant that tastes good and looks very much like a stinging nettle which is what Dr Finlay said he thought it was.

Brave as can be Kenny rubbed his arm against the plant and then ate it!!!

Fin was amazed and he and Dr Finlay had a new trick up their sleeves and bark to surprise all the other people they would meet.

Yet this fabulous walk with Kenny would have a good follow up too because Fin also got to meet Jeremy who is a trainee shepherd who needed a crook.  No not a criminal but a sturdy stick and who better than Fin.

What a day and it wasn’t even lunchtime.

But of course…

Tomorrow as they say was to be another day.

—Dr Finlay
May 5th 2017




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