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Dr. Finlay’s Walking Stick: Finlay meets his Nemesis and a Druid!

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Fin’s Sixth Adventure.

May 6th 2017

National Walking Month

Dr Finlay was beginning to wonder if Fin was alive!  Strange though this may seem he realised he was having feelings of affection towards a stick!

He cared about Fin’s wellbeing and wanted Fin to be happy, he worried about Fin when he couldn’t see him and was concerned that he might lose him.

Dr Finlay had very vague memories of being a young Dr Finley or Wally as he was then known.  This odd experience of meeting Fin seemed to be giving him a chance to revisit those vague far off days.

Could play actually be more important than work?  Today they would go to the playground where he really should try and spend a bit more time.

So while Dr Finlay did some work (he struggled to relax) he leant Fin up against a proper tree, with proper branches, a safe distance away from the arch enemies of trees everywhere…..the goats.

Goats are funny horned creatures which are lots of fun and jump about especially when young but……they eat tree bark!!

If your outer protective layer gets eaten your soft fleshy insides are exposed and you get in all sorts of bother.  Goats and trees are best kept apart, at least for the trees sake.

So Fin was learning about goats and Dr Finley was keeping an eye on him whilst cleaning up the play area and then in the far distance they both spotted an amazing sight, a Druid, not only a Druid but a very beautiful Druid and something within them both began to beat a little faster.

Tomorrow as they say was to be another day.

Part 2

Drawn by the beauty of the Druid Dr Finlay and Fin decided to venture out at night for the first time as they had been invited to witness a Druid ritual called Beltane.

It was dusk as they wandered over to the hallowed ground of the Druid camp to see a circle of figures dressed in capes in the gathering darkness.

What a generous and warm welcome they were given by these newcomers from many thousands of years ago.

Fin gazed across the fire to see the tall, willowy figure of Mimsy at one of the gates.  There was drumming and singing led by Neil’s beautiful voice and as the God of the Druid camp he arranged the evening which included Fire Sticks and a Wicker Man.

Fin was awestruck by all he was taking in, you don’t usually see all this from a tree but having legs and being mobile was certainly showing him a thing or two.  Sticks on fire!!!  Sticks holding light and warmth, sticks it seems were pretty important after all.  Unless of course you were a Wicker man who Dr Finlay supposed contained all the badness of the season gone by and was burnt away to open the doors to a happier future.

The group passed through an archway to a better world, a renewal, a rebirth, new hope and a richer harmony with those around them.

Dr Finlay thanked their hosts for their generous invitation and the rich experience of ancient wisdoms being kept alive and returned home after an embrace so warm he could have melted.

Fin sensed he had been part of something rather special and felt a better stick already.

—Dr Finlay
May 6th 2017


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