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Dr Finlay’s Walking Stick: Fin meets the pigs!

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More Pain and More Pleasure

Fin meets the Pigs!

Fin’s Second Adventure.

May 2nd 2017

National Walking Month

Dr Finlay and Fin both liked to get up early and were off walking well before the children got to school.

Fin had “accidentally” struck Dr Finlay on the knee as they gathered themselves to leave but Dr Finlay put it down to Fin’s asymmetrical shape rather than any ill intent.

They were looking for an adventure and had in mind the nasty nettles that sting and to try and discover if the nettles would sting Fin as they did Dr Finlay.  Fin would have to be brave for this of course but in fact they got distracted.

Some funny, pink, four legged creatures caught their attention and chased after them as they walked by.

“What strange and needy creatures these seem to be,” muttered Fin to Dr Finlay.  “Us trees or bits of trees don’t chase people, we just stand there being elegant unperturbed by the passing world.”

“Perhaps you are right,” replied Dr Finlay, “but these pigs don’t have so much time as you, their lives are short whereas yours is long.”

“A pig may only live for two or three years whereas a tree could be looking down at the world for a hundred years or more.”

Fin still wasn’t quite sure what to make of these odd creatures but he was certainly getting to see a different world from his own.

Tomorrow as they say was to be another day.

—Dr Finlay
May 2nd 2017




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