Church Farm Ardeley

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Dr. Finlay’s Walking Stick

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It was a Thursday at the end of April when the stick fell out of the sky bashing Dr Finlay right on the head.

“Ouch” he cried looking around to see what had attacked him without warning.

A long brown stick lay at his feet looking a little guilty.  “Sorry about that” said the Stick but I became detached and couldn’t help myself.

“Don’t worry” replied Dr Finlay, perhaps you would like to attach yourself to me instead and we can go walking together?

“That would be wonderful” said the Stick, I have always looked down from above from the same place wondering where all those two legged people, some of whom had sticks like me were going and what adventures they might have.”

“Well that is decided then, let us go forth together for the Month of May and see what adventures can befall us.  I will call you Dr Finlay’s Walking Stick or perhaps Fin for short or maybe Stick, which would you prefer?

“Fin is short for finger and we branches and sticks sometimes think of ourselves as the fingers of the trees when they come to life so Fin it is for me.”

So this is how it all began.  The merry month of May would see Fin and Dr Finlay getting out and about joining in the National Month of Walking.

Dr Finlay
May 1st 2017


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