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Dr Finlay’s Walking Stick: Fin’s First Adventure

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Going back to my roots.  Yeah.

May 1st 2017

National Walking Month

Fin and Dr Finlay set off to look for Fin’s birthplace on a pleasant spring evening on the Bank Holiday set aside for the workers.

Dr Finlay of course remembered being hit on the head but couldn’t remember the bit before that or after it for a while.  What he did remember was that he had a new walking stick called Fin.

Fin remembered he had been attached to something or someone but his detachment had caused him so much pain that he couldn’t remember where it had happened either.

So off they went to explore the possibilities, the most obvious of which was the Circular Walk that goes around Church Farm where both Dr Finlay and Fin now both lived.

Up and down the path, past the sheep in Long Bottoms, up the path past Badgers Cabin and Great Field to the top of the Circular Walk.

This shaded, wooded path had a carpet of bluebells on either side beneath the coppiced trees. There were sticks aplenty, bigger and smaller than Fin lying on the ground un-rescued by humans, grown up or otherwise.  Above the arms, hands and fingers reached out as if they recognised one of their own but none had the resemblance of Fin.

The two of them walked on, past the corner and back towards the farm, the pigs, the church and of course the pub, but the Jolly Waggon would have to wait for another day as Fin and Dr Finley looked wistfully over their shoulders at their first effort to recover from the pain of their first meeting.

Tomorrow as they say was to be another day.

—Dr Finlay
May 1st 2017




One thought on “Dr Finlay’s Walking Stick: Fin’s First Adventure

  1. Fin’s first adventure seems to be well on its way. I pray for Fin and Dr. Finley as they recover from the pain of their first meeting.

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