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Adrian from Radio 4

Rural care at Church Farm Ardeley hosted the recording of an BBC Radio 4 All in the Mind programme.

Finding people ready to talk to the reporters was harder than we expected but luckily a few brave volunteers came forward.

Radio 4 recorded here for about 4 hours and talked to 6 people on the farm for a 15 minute part in a programme. It is a real eye opener to see what amount of work goes into making a programme !

I have just listened to the broadcast and, as much as this is my everyday job, I had tears in my eyes listening to the stories of how the farm is helping some of our co-farmers and volunteers, also knowing that so many people’s stories stay untold. They also talked to Rachel Bragg, a leading researcher into the benefits of Care Farming and Green Care and Development Coordinator for Care Farming UK.

The programme is a real testament to the benefits Rural Care and Church Farm offer to our community.

You can hear the podcast on

Ann De Bock



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