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Wednesday Walkies with Sid the Sheepdog

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Sid the Sheepdog joins the Police.

Sid the Sheepdog joins the Police.

Sid the Sheepdog was on a roll, following the success of SidSA the Academy for Sheepdog training that people were joining as well as dogs he was headhunted by the local police force to help in their fight to reduce Rural Crime.

Even at his joining ceremony above you can see how vigilant he is and he is on his first case.

The Case of The Missing Laptops.

Sometimes when things are going well life gives you a bit of a reminder that it isn’t always rosy.  In this case the farm got burgaled.

The two legged ones were all a bit grumpy today and it turns out that they had lost some things, well actually it turns out that someone or something had taken some things.laptop

Further investigation showed that some things called laptops had gone.  Of course people used to have lapdogs or those funny furry creatures called cats but now it turns out they have weird electrical gizmos that they put on their laps!!! Humans!!!

The police are famous for their German Shepherd dogs and although they didn’t bring one to the farm Sid knew they would need his help.

His Wednesday Walk turned into a Sniff and Search compiling a database of scents to trace down the culprit or culprits.

sniffer dog

The scents were fresh and his nose twitched away before meeting his two legged colleagues from the Stevenage Scene of Crimes Unit.

He is now hoping to get his picture in the local press to ask the public for their help.



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