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Wednesday Walkies with Sid the Sheepdog

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Sid relaxing after his last Wednesday Walk in February this year

Sid relaxing after his last Wednesday Walk in February this year


As Sid panted away for the last of his Wednesday Walks in February he reflected on what he had learnt and what he had taught.

He decided to interview Dave the Chicken to see how his pupil was doing.

Sid:  “Ruff.  Well Dave you have completed our four week course now and I was wondering what you thought of it?”

Chicken Dave:  (Indecipherable noises) But I’m sure he said Sid a few times, or it might have been Sit!

Oh dear, thought Sid, I forgot that he is human and can’t speak my language.

I will have to make this easy for him.  I will ask him simple questions and if he nods his head a lot I will take that as a no.  If he sticks his finger up and throws me a biscuit I will take that as a yes.

Sid the sheepdog




Sid: “Ruff, you also must now realise that it is impossible not to take me for a walk when I look up at you with my doggy eyes and stick my tongue out.”

CD throws a biscuit indicating yes.

Sid the sheepdog


Sid the sheepdog

Sid the sheepdog

Sid the sheepdog

Sid the sheepdog





Sid the Sheepdog was secretly quite pleased with the way his mentee was coming along and it had been good for Sid, too.  That afternoon a crowd of thirty people watched as he tutored Chicken Dave to herd the runner ducks into that wide gate.

Some people had heard about the walk and come to the farm that day to join them and he hoped this would continue, because unbeknown to Chicken Dave, his other student Su was still taking him for both his other walks!!!

Life was good for Sid, more walks, more biscuits and Sid was doing well.

purple dog

However he was disappointed he hadn’t seen Daisy in a while.

Maybe she was going out at a different time of day; he would check it out and book Chicken Dave for some further training during March when they should start to see more of the Signs of Spring as highlighted by the wonderful Woodland Trust.

hello spring






Six today including: – Snowdrops; Bluebell shoots; Elder buds and Song Thrush songs as well as lambs tails and primroses.

Three more to add including: – Frogspawn, Birds making nests and one I can’t remember but it might have been a Valentine or was it Calendine.

The Valentine would be Daisy, but she is no yellow petalled flower. She is more like a Rose in Bloom.




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