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Wednesday Walkies with Sid the Sheepdog

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Sid the winner

Sid the Sheepdog waiting for his walkee.


“Ruff” said Sid the Sheepdog as he waited and waited and waited for his walkee to arrive.  Eventually he gave up and heard later on the farm news report that a serious epidemic of manflu had broken out in the close vicinity to Dave the Chicken who had been held in quarantine until the event had passed.

Pathetic thought Sid, here I am with no extra clothes and I never get ill although I always have a wet nose, I don’t think these humans get the idea at all.  They have lost all their hair and got soft, that Adrian chap had the right idea and got quite hairy and then chopped it all off…crazy!


pub - Adrian

The Jolly Waggoner Pub where Adrian lives who nearly grew back all his hair.

Sid however was going to have quite a surprise when the quarantine period ended.


It was Saturday when he heard some strange activity going on outside his home.  He jumped up on the table to look at what was happening and then he realised something.  Chicken Dave was smarter than he had previously thought and knew that being a Sheepdog was the best thing in the world.  Chicken Dave was out practising to be a sheepdog!

Obviously he was rubbish and he wasn’t even using Sheep but the funny two footed beaky creatures which the humans called ducks.  They kept doing their own thing and I was laughing my lead off as they led him a merry dance and of course it wasn’t long after that that he asked for help.

runner ducks

The Runner Ducks relaxing, waiting for Chicken Dave to catch up.


What an idiot! He didn’t come to the master for a lesson but some other humans.  At least he picked out some of the smarter, smaller ones who kept close to the ground and actually did quite well.  Another big group managed it but had to put the small one on his head, as well as get help from the rest of their family. ( I knew they would get it as they had a dog looking after them).It still took three or four of them to guide 8 ducks between two buckets which were about five leads apart; I could have done it with my paws over my ears.

I was enjoying myself enormously realising how superior I am to these two legged creatures but then I got the shock of my life.

A really small one, only a bit taller than me when I am on all paws, with funny white hair on top came along and was brilliant.  He got behind them all – basic I know –and stayed behind them – still basic but not everyone gets this far you know and most importantly, after keeping low which he was very good at, was he moved s  l  o  w  l  y.

Dave the Chicken and the young man’s Dad were full of admiration and then I realised it was one of the students from my Sheepdog Academy, SidSA.

No wonder he was so good but don’t let Chicken Dave know that I know he wants to be a Sheepdog.

sheep and hay

The sheep reacting to Chicken Dave’s lie down in the mud on your belly move!


Each Wednesday in February, Chicken Dave will lead a leisurely walk around the Circular Walk at Church Farm.  We will meet at the Café for an 11:00 start, and the walk will take around 45 minutes (around 3 miles), finishing at the Jolly Waggoner Pub across the road.

Date for your diary:   24th

 Chicken Dave is a qualified Walk Leader with The Countryside Management Services of Herts County Council and has been helping on the farm for over a year.


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