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Surprise Bunnies

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surprise bunnies 20 Jan 2016

taken 20 January

They were found on the 6th January.

Four baby bunnies.

Lorraine and two co-farmers found them.

In this hutch we have two females.

They were escaping and we think they might have gone with the other boys or maybe wild rabbits. They were digging holes. They went underneath the goat shed.

Because they are both girls we don’t know who the mother is.

We think they were 2 weeks old when we found them.

We had to be careful because you can’t touch them because the older rabbit might reject them.

Because they are young we don’t know what gender they are.

We do feed the rabbits and check on them every day.

Rural Care, where care for land and people meet. Rural Care enables people with learning disabilities and/or mental health issues to work on a farm, learn skills, and make friends. Working on a farm is great way to keep healthy, and build confidence and self-esteem. This article was written by a co-farmer who is especially interested in our rabbits and guinea pigs.  She enjoyed investigating this mystery for you.


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