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March is a busy the time of the year for sheep and lambs at Church Farm, so we are organising a peg loom weaving workshop to celebrate the amazing creatures sheep are, and the great wool they produce.  Come and learn how you can weave your own rug out of sheep fleece on a peg loom.henry 022 - c

12th of March 2016

10am – 1pm in the Rural Care area

£30 with all course materials included

Peg loom weaving is an ancient weaving technique and is a simple and fast way to produce your own woolly rug.  We will also learn how fleece is cleaned, how the loom is constructed and set up, and about different types of fleece. We might even go and meet some of the flock!  At the end of the morning the keen weavers will have the opportunity to buy the loom or fleece to make a rug at home.

Register online, or ask in the shop, or send an email.


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