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Sid the winner


Ruff, Ruff, barked Sid the Sheepdog rounding up the two legged ones for a walk around the farm.  He was quite excited as this was his second adventure before lunchtime. Perhaps it meant the start of lots more walks, now the ground was getting firmer and the weather warmer, and the two legged ones were getting more interested in going outdoors again.

He would be on his best behaviour and was delighted to meet up with all his friends from Rural Care who were changing the colour of things (painting) ready for what they called Spring and what he called Chasing Rabbits.

He knew Dave the Chicken had been out trying to find where the full Circular walk was around the farm and realised he needed to show him how to find a route, so nose to the ground and off they went.

Despite being considerate to the older walker and pretending he was tired from his morning stroll with Su, the slow old Chicken was not getting the idea of tracking at all. Nose stuck in the air and still on all twos.  These humans have not really got the idea of getting across terrain quickly and with agility at all.  Four legs are so much better than two and what have they done with their tails? How do they keep their balance or let people know they are happy?

Still you can’t teach an old human new tricks so let’s just be grateful we got him out of doors again.

He has put up some silly signs so he can remember the way instead of using his nose but he was able to go a good bit further this week and I got to stay out for almost an hour on a beautiful day.


No map required

No map required

The Sheep parted like a wave when I walked through the Beard’s Oak field responsibly keeping Dave the Chicken on his lead. The best part of today’s walk was definitely seeing the wonderful horses on the bridleway, I think they must have been on the way to a wedding.  The hedgerows have been cut back making the path wider and keeping the brambles out of my eyes and my walkees’ clothes.

I had been so good I couldn’t resist letting myself go a bit at the end when I picked up a strong scent and raced off towards the source.  Old slow coach proved a bit heavy to pull along at this point so I had to hold myself back or I definitely would have caught it.

View from Handy Corner

View from Handy Corner

Back at the farm for a well-deserved bowl of water for me and a lie down for Dave the Chicken, I wasn’t going to mention this but I think he did a bit better this week.


Sid The Sheepdog.


Each Wednesday in February, Chicken Dave will lead a leisurely walk around the Circular Walk at Church Farm.  We will meet at the Café for an 11:00 start, and the walk will take around 45 minutes (around 3 miles), finishing at the Jolly Waggoner Pub across the road.

Dates for your diary:  Feb 17th and 24th

 Chicken Dave is a qualified Walk Leader with The Countryside Management Services of Herts County Council and has been helping on the farm for over a year.


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