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Hot Chocolate Charlie

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Charlie bobbingCharlie Vernier, a young Frenchman from Brittany arrived on the farm in October last year and very sadly we have now all wished him Bon Voyage as he returns to France.

Charlie crammed a lot into his time in England, visiting Cambridge and London, Hitchin and Stevenage.  He got himself a girlfriend who couldn’t resist his Gallic charm and fabulous desserts as well as moving his spoken command of the English language on a peg or two.  He was often seen doing the most unusual things and he would always be the first to get on and give something a go.  This went from apple bobbing on Apple Day to wearing the Ardeley Bee outfit, as well as driving a tractor.

His entire family of eight came to visit and brought with them glorious weather and a very strong sense of family.  They even took over the Jolly Waggoner and learned how to play and provided live music.  At home his sense of fun and adventure is expressed working outdoors at his father’s beach adventure business, and perhaps Charlie too was Dreaming of the Sea, the name of his father’s business.

As a young man on an adventure in a foreign land, he took very easily to the farm and particularly the more physical aspects, dealing with the animals and developed a very special Chicken impression which took the Ardeley Chicken Challenge at Open Mic night again in the Jolly Waggoner.

Charlie as the beeIt was here that he spent New Year, and when his new found taste for Caramel Vodka perhaps got the better of him, but all the friends he had made on the farm took care of him.  The next day he was back on the Chocolat Chaud and out and about amongst the pigs and chickens.

His final legacy to the farm was the refurbishment of the Diner Larder where he put his construction skills to good use and where we wished him a very fond farewell.


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