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suffolksJanuary is an exciting time for us at Rural Care, as it begins the countdown to our lambing season. All of our 97 ewes have been scanned and we now know what we’re expecting.  In the summer we replenished our stock with 20 shearling Suffolk ewes and a new Suffolk Ram called Dandy. He is a very handsome chap and we are looking forward to some beautiful Suffolk lambs. Our ladies met the rams back in October, so are now a good four months along, and they are starting to show their rounded bellies. Typically ewes start showing on their left side.  You see a bulge start to appear.  By this stage they are starting to look round all over and their bellies are getting closer to the ground.

We are expecting 174 lambs altogether, 13 sets of triplets, 61 twins and 13 singles. The ewes will stay out in the field for another 6 weeks before we bring them in to the maternity bays ready for lambing.




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