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Sid the Sheepdog has spoken.

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Sid is a three year collie dog who lives on the farm and whose one desire in life is to be a sheep dog.  (and eat dog biscuits of course).

Sid the winner

Sid will be giving us a review of The Wednesday Walk which he is overseeing for the month of February 2016.

“Ruff, this walk starts very late in the day for me, not until 11.00 in the morning, well past my first walkies time.  Still I have been given the responsibility to look after Dave the Chicken for a while as he has been left alone and isn’t looking well.  He clearly needs more exercise but I suppose a late start is better than none.

This week I am breaking him in gently, (well I thought so but he is in very poor shape even for a two legged being), we are doing part of the Circular Walk around the farm.

In order to tempt him to join me I promised him three special moments; a chance to see the piglets; a chance to see some white flowers called snowdrops which we get instead of snow, thank goodness and some pregnant sheep. (This was a treat for me but I barked him into it.)

We got off to such a slow start I had to interrupt a mother and daughter and show them the ducks and four day old chicks while Dave the Chicken caught his breath.

At last we got as far as the piglets and it was almost like pulling a sledge to get him there but while he cooed over the flat noses I had a good old smell amongst the hedgerows to set a scent trail for Dave the Chicken to find if he ever goes out without me. (Pretty unlikely).

Here are some of the marks left by other animals.

Here are some of the marks left by other animals.

As I am in charge of all the animals on the farm I have to go round and check up on them and give them a quick reminder that I know where they are.  So we popped into see the enormous big eyed cows who have now been painted Red instead of the normal black and white, I think Tim the Farmer may have got a coloured licence recently.


Onward up the hill to see how my expectant sheep are, (they passed on a message to thank Tim for their new feeders which they love), and up to the top of the Great Field passed some more flat noses who have ruined their grassy field and eaten everything. I had to give them a bit of a look to let them know who was boss. Dave the Chicken begged for a rest at this point!!”

“Please slow down Sid you are pulling my arm out of its socket!” I heard.

“Pathetic these two legged people although Su whom I normally look after doesn’t complain anything like as much.

Through the Squitmore woodland and turning towards the building with the Chicken on top (Ardeley St Lawrence Church) it was definitely dryer than of late although Dave the Chicken still had his rubber feet on!

info board in woods

Down the hill and over the little brook with one graceful leap for me and an almighty splishing and splashing for the Chicken man.

Up a little hill which I hardly noticed but we had to stop and admire the snowdrops half way up so Dave The Chicken could get his heart rate down.

Nearly home now and I could relax a little realising that my patient was going to make it back without having to go to the phone box for our magic electrical come back to life machine which the two legged ones call a defibrillator.

Forty short minutes after we had left I let an exhausted Chicken off his lead and got my freedom back, thank goodness I only have to do this twice a day!!”


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