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Five-a-Day Keeps the Doctor at Bay

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Fruit veg collageCurrent advice from the health gurus is summarised in this simple idea which seems to have grown from the single apple-a-day of my youth.

However with an orchard of 700 trees and nine different fruits we should be able to come up with both quantity and quality.

Vicars Orchard at Church Farm is now a veritable Garden of Eden with tempting fruit hanging from the branches waiting for the harvesting in the coming weeks and months.

We are already sending Discovery apples out to customers on the box scheme along with the all the other produce now growing in horticulture or the soft fruit field.

DSC05708Tempting tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers, beetroot and potatoes as well as peppers and red hot radishes.

A serious amount of hard work goes into the preparation with weeding and feeding all done by hand, harvesting and packing done as late as possible to keep the produce as fresh as possible.

A seasonal plan for what grows when and trying to anticipate the demands for the café and pub as well as the store and box scheme takes some calculation and guestimation but  any glut can be turned into something cooked rather than raw.  If all else fails the animals get a special treat or the compost pile starts the whole process over.

This is recycling as nature intended without the packagingDSC05720


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