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Following Freddy on the Farm

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Freddy loves carrots, of this there can be no doubt. Freddy is one of our newest co-farmers in Rural Care and he has immediately taken to the allotment and vegetables as part of his day.

On this particular day, he was following on from his adventures with carrot cake to actually cooking carrot and potato soup.  His misfortune was to get Dave as his assistant.  Dave’s good fortune was to get to work with Freddy and to take part in a collaboration of cooks and chefs to produce the best Carrot and Potato Soup in the Country.

Freddy raided the Farm Store for his ingredients: carrots, potatoes, garlic and onions.  Then we needed a knife for chopping up the vegetables or a peeler and it was off to the kitchen to add a chopping board to our collection of tools of the trade.

How do you chop garlic?  Phil, another of our co-farmers who volunteers in the pub kitchen every Monday, helped out with this one and then it was off to the kitchen.  Dave was a Can’t-Cook-Won’t-Cook Champion so this was a somewhat daunting experience, but Freddy kept him up to speed by communicating through his remarkable communication aid.

Darren and Aaron, the new chefs at the Jolly Waggoner and Antonio all helped out and it was off to the Café in search of vegetable stock!!!

Su, the wonderful café cook, came to the rescue and we were later to return to her to do some soup blending, an exercise Freddy repeated in the afternoon on his own – something he quite clearly enjoyed.

Carrot and Potato soup all made, it was off to reward our collaborating team of cooks and chefs from around the farm as well as a co-farmer and others, not to mention the ladies who grew the carrots.

Suitably pleased with his efforts Freddy then announced via communication devise that a LifeTime Achievement Award had been presented to Church Farm!

This is Freddy with Anne, our Director of Horticulture, and The Best Carrot and Potato Soup in the Country.

Rural Care, where care for land and people meet. Rural Care enables people with learning disabilities and/or mental health issues to work on a farm, learn skills and make friends. Working on a farm is great way to keep healthy, and build confidence and self-esteem.


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