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Can the Countryside Be For Everyone?

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Can the Countryside be for everyone?

Can the Countryside be for everyone?

On another beautiful day at Church Farm the thoughts of strawberries were on people’s minds and we had some more delightful visitors from Welwyn Garden City to Poland!

One family stood out though as it was the first time the mother who has Multiple Sclerosis had ever picked strawberries.  This was made possible by the presence of the farm, the use of a simple kneeler and the accessbility of the strawberry patch.

She lives with her family in a flat with no garden and her husband commented that if he could make a living on a farm he would give up his job tomorrow.

Their young daughter with strawberry coloured fingers was part of this rural adventure.

At Rural Care each week the farm has people with a range of disabilities accessing work experience on the farm, with the animals, with nature in all it’s grandeur.

These are cases of connecting with nature made possible by dreams,

dedication, thoughtfulness and inspiration.



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