Church Farm Ardeley

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Where does the Green Egg Come From?

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Dearest Chicken Lovers,

Here at the Farm in Ardeley strange things happen in Walnut Orchard the home of the hens.

We have noticed that every week amongst our lovely eggs there are brown ones and white ones and sometimes cracked ones but each and every week there is…………..a green egg!!!!

Perhaps one of our hens is an artist, related to Henry Moore perhaps who was of course better known as Henrietta amongst the chickens of the farm.

Perhaps one of them is eating special food, too much clover or spinach or perhaps they have a secret painting class each day to paint an egg?

As a chicken lover and someone who knows the power of chickens I invite you to explain the mystery of the green egg to us all.

You could send a poem like Ruby did after she met the hens or tell us a wild and wonderful story about ……the green egg.

Chicken Dave




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