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The Green Egg has spoken!!!! Chicken Log 6

Dearest Egg and Chicken Lovers,

The Green Egg has spoken!!!

The message we received was to share with you all the lovely Egg poem by Ruby so here it is.



Chickens Lay Eggs,

For you and me,

Oh how I Love Eggs,

I love coming to get them,

And eating them for tea.


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Where Does The Green Egg Come From Clog 5

Dear Chicken and Egg Lovers,

At last we have photos of The Green Egg and growing evidence of where it comes from.

It was last sighted in The Cafe at Church Farm being looked after by the Brothers Tony and Antonio as seen here.


The Green Egg with Rural Care Apple Juice and The Tony Brothers Tony and Antonio.

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Where Does The Green Egg Come From? Clog 4

Clog Date 14th May 2015

Today is National Chicken Day and Chicken Dave celebrated with a number of Chicken Impressions for our young visitors to the farm.

In a special presentation an egg was given to a young lady whose first words to Chicken Dave had been the ones he had been waiting to hear.

“I Love Chickens”

It reminded him of Little Ruby’s Poem “I love eggs”


With the Chickens wandering around the open pastures of Walnut Orchard could it be that eating enough green vegetables would turn a Chickens Egg Green???

It only leaves me to wish you all a very happy National Chicken Day and do remember to get something nice for your carers, they like chocolate and alcohol remember …and eggs!!!


Chicken Dave and the Walnut Orchard Hens.


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Where Does The Green Egg Come From? Clog 4

Chickens Log Egg Date May 12th 2015

No Ugly Duckling out there today only 400+ beautiful birds on a glorious evening where the latest development occurred in the corner of Walnut Orchard.

Out of the sight of the main flock a strange building has appeared, a green block and perhaps inside it sits the hen equivalent of David Blane.

Could it be that TheĀ Green Egg comes from The Green House?

Chicken Dave and The Walnut Orchard Hens.



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Where Does The Green Egg Come From Clog 3

Chickens Log 3 or Clog 3,

Today was a beautiful day in Chicken Land and we had some wonderful visitors as always.

Some new ideas about where The Green Egg Comes From included the thought that it is from the Great Eco Chicken who is trying to save the World.

The other was very creative and the thought is that The Green Egg is where The Ugly Duckling Comes From.

Thank you to everyone who visited the Farm today on a beautiful day.

Chicken Dave and The Hens From Walnut Orchard.

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Where does the Green Egg Come From? Log 2

Dear Chicken Lovers and especially those who have visited the chickens in Walnut Orchard at Church Farm.

Today the legend that is Ram Riding Ron of Rural Care gave us the best story about where the Green Egg might come from.

He thinks that as there are no green chickens that the green egg must come from an alien bird who flies in and lays an egg and then flies away again until the next time.

Look out for those green birds, could it be true or is there another reason for the presence of The Green Egg?

Chicken Dave and the Walnut Orchard Hens.


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Where does the Green Egg Come From?

Dearest Chicken Lovers,

Here at the Farm in Ardeley strange things happen in Walnut Orchard the home of the hens.

We have noticed that every week amongst our lovely eggs there are brown ones and white ones and sometimes cracked ones but each and every week there is…………..a green egg!!!!

Perhaps one of our hens is an artist, related to Henry Moore perhaps who was of course better known as Henrietta amongst the chickens of the farm.

Perhaps one of them is eating special food, too much clover or spinach or perhaps they have a secret painting class each day to paint an egg?

As a chicken lover and someone who knows the power of chickens I invite you to explain the mystery of the green egg to us all.

You could send a poem like Ruby did after she met the hens or tell us a wild and wonderful story about ……the green egg.

Chicken Dave