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Everything is Meaningful

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20150312_124025I’m Aimee, and I live in Ardeley and have been an enthusiastic customer and friend of the family, watching Church Farm Ardeley take shape and re-emerge.  And now I’m working in Rural Care.  I have admired what I have seen of Rural Care over the years, getting to know staff and co-farmers as they are out and about doing jobs.  And now I can confirm, from the inside, just what I suspected all along:  Everything is meaningful.  The jobs the co-farmers do are real farm jobs that need to be done. They get to make choices and decisions about tasks and tools and work toward their own achievable goals. I am now part of the team that supports them and helps teach them through these real farm tasks.

Since starting in December, I have been a part of collecting, sorting and boxing eggs; feeding, watering, and bedding animals; herding sheep; making Christmas wreaths; labeling apple juice; and feeding lambs. I have also seen co-farmers take pride in a job well done, lead a group in a task, communicate with others, and work towards personal goals.

We work inside and out, no matter the weather, no matter how much mud.  There is little complaining, and lots of tea. And it’s so rewarding. Each of us is important in the process and the results are tangible and priceless, for everyone.  There is learning and laughter, friendship and teamwork, work and breaks, and it is all so well organised and balanced.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time on the farm and my days in Rural Care. It is a privilege to be part of this team.


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  1. Oooo lovely.——————————————–

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