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From Melbourne to Steeple Morden—A Modern Day Miracle

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Darren and the van

Darren and the van

The key turned and nothing happened, the van failed to respond at all.  Our intrepid adventurer from Australia, Darren, who had only a few days earlier celebrated Australia Day in Ardeley was stranded in a place called Steeple Morden.  The call for help was issued and Darren from Oz could only sit and wait but something miraculous happened.

The people of Steeple Morden, famous for its Steeple that disappeared some four hundred years ago came out and adopted an Australian!  Fed, watered and befriended he held on for hour after hour awaiting the rescue team on a cold, snowy icy day.

His delivery van was still partly filled with tasty farm boxes for his customers around the Hertford area and he arranged for them all to be called to alert them of his predicament but what to do with the remaining boxes should he need to be towed away?

No need to worry the good people of Steeple Morden came to the rescue and stored the boxes in their garage.

Church Farm had dispatched the emergency team who arrived around nine to collect the boxes and the intrepid explorer and on loading up discovered the miracle that was unveiling before their very eyes.

The rescuer in chief was not only a hero of Steeple Morden but something more, something akin to the spirit of the Farm. He was the Secretary of the local Remap team who design and make innovative solutions for the disabled.

What does Church Farm have?  Only the wonderful Rural Care where Care for Land and People meet in the opportunity for those with disabilities to work as co-farmers……what a place to breakdown, what a coincidence……what are the chances…..what was the Oz to make of this?


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