Church Farm Ardeley

A Free Range Experience

Autumn at Rural Care, by Alistair Vorster

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We are very lucky at Rural Care to welcome a group from the YMCA this Friday, who are starting a regular fortnightly programme on the farm. Children from some of the local schools in Stevenage will be attending the farm as part of the group. They will be testing themselves out on the Church Farm scavenger hunt this week, and hoping to join in with the regular group activities, such as growing vegetables, in the weeks to come. The YMCA is the largest and oldest youth charity in the world and there are 121 YMCA’s in England, each offering support and accommodation for young people to live independently, grow and help contribute to the local community.

Rural Care has also been getting used to the change of seasons and the approach of the colder winter weather. We have been firing up the wood burners and also helping our animals with the wetter and colder conditions. This includes providing them with fresh straw and ensuring they have enough food, including hay for the pigs and cows. As winter sets in keeping our animals happy is very important, whilst we also look forward to the coming of Christmas and the chance to get all crafty over the festive season, with wreath making and all sorts to come!



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