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The Offley Morris Men refresh at Church Farm

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Saturday 8th September 2012 sees Morris dancers from all around Hertfordshire descend on venues across the county for the Day of Dance. We are delighted to have the Offley Morris Men stopping in at the Church Farm Café in the afternoon to refuel with tea and cake before continuing their journey.

Although their visit to the farm is mainly to replenish tired bodies with delicious homemade cakes and tea, they have very kindly agreed to show off their Morris prowess with some dancing outside the café, a real rural treat.

The Offley Morris Men side was formed in 1955 in Offley, North Hertfordshire. They dance the Cotswold style of Morris, which is the style most people are familiar with, and wear hats adorned with flowers as well as the bells and while handkerchiefs usually associated with Morris dancing.

Morris dancing is a traditional English dance, and although to begin with it was a past-time reserved for men only, nowadays there are mixed sides as well as some women-only sides, so everyone can get involved.

We hope to see you on Saturday 8th September around 4.30pm with the Offley Morris Men to tuck into some lovely cake and see a real English tradition before your very eyes.


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